Amocanti  is pleased to announce its partnership with DELTUR KUNST- & MUSIK- AGENTUR. As a result, world class artists will be linked through our networks to host Amocanti  events—lectures and performances exploring the relationship of “song” and “story” in schools, universities and conservatories, as well as to general audiences throughout Europe and the United States.

At a time when many arts programs are no longer offered to them, Amocanti  is especially keen to enlighten children of all ages to the beauty of classical music tradition through informal concerts with discussions and/or seminars and master classes,

In August 2010, the great Israeli pianist, Igor Naimark, accepted our invitation to become a part of Amocanti and, together, we look forward to performing wonderful concerts in the summer of 2011.

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DELTUR Kunst- und Musikagentur
Am Kleinbahnhof 12-14
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Tel:  +49 481.212.27.35